Managing your subscription

You can use your online account to take care of pretty much everything related to your subscription! Got to love technology these days, aye? Just click to “Manage Subscriptions” to get started.

What would you like to do?

Adjusting your next ship date

  1. Click “edit” next to the item whose shipping date you’d like to change
  2. Click “Change shipment date”
  3. Type in your preferred date, or click the 🔽 arrow to show a calendar view
  4. Click “update shipment,” and you're done!

Easy peasy, right? If you have any extras like tissues or paper towel, just make sure everything is lined up in the “Your Subscription” tab. You may need to adjust the other items separately. 

Add or removing products

Add tissues or paper towel to your subscription by clicking the green “Add products to your next delivery” at the top of your subscription dashboard. Choose the product you'd like, then pick:

  1. The number of cartons  (1 = 12 boxes of tissues or 6 rolls of paper towel)
  2. If this is a one-off addition or if you'd like to always add it to your subscription
  3. The delivery address (which will default to your primary address automatically)
  4. The next charge date (which will automatically align with your next subscription charge date)

Click “Add product” to save. Woohoo, you did it! 

If you'd like to change the type of toilet paper you're getting from us, use the "Swap" button. You'll need to reenter how often we'll deliver to you. Click "Swap," and you're good to go!

If you'd like to cancel or remove products, just hit the "cancel" button next to the item you no longer need. We'll ask you a few questions about why you are cancelling, which is super helpful for us to learn what we could be doing better. Thanks!

Delivery & billing address

You can update the delivery address for your subscription by clicking the little ✏️ next to the "Ships to" address above the list of your items. If you have multiple subscriptions, you'll need to change the address for each subscription separately. Click "Update address" to save your changes! 

There's a limit of one billing address per subscription account, and this can be updated by clicking the 'Billing' tab in your dashboard. Simple as a summer pie! 

Payment method

To make sure all your payment details stay super secure, we ask that you enter any new credit card details via your secure online account, not via email.

Just click “Billing” in your portal, then "Update card" to enter the new details. Just for reference, we accept Visa, Mastercard or AMEX. If there's ever a problem billing your order, we’ll automatically email you to double check that the information we have is correct. 

Email address

Got a fresh start with a new email address? How exciting! Use the contact form below and confirm your old and new email address. We'll take care of updating the rest!

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