Help grow our impact

Well aren’t you sweet for asking! Honestly, the best way you can help is telling your friends and family about us. The more people that wipe with us, the more money we can donate to help build toilets.

To encourage folks to share our message, we have a £5 off referral program. When you tell friend about us, they get £5 off their first order. Once they make their purchase, we’ll send you £5 to use on our site. For more info, just click on the 'Get  £5' button at the bottom left on our site. 

If you feel super proud of your life changing Who Gives A Crap products, and want to give us a shout out in your business, office, or home, we have some pretty posters you can download below.

They look great printed on A3 and hung up on the back of the bathroom door!

Good for your bum, great for the world

Not your average toilet paper

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