Do we really donate 50% of profits?

Heck yes we do! Thanks to the support of our customers, we’ve donated just over $1.8 million Aussie dollars, or little over £1 million, to help build toilets. Here are some letters from our impact partners to prove it! And we’re just getting started...

WaterAid Australia Aug 2018

WaterAid America Aug 2018

WaterShed Aug 2018

Sanergy Sep 2018

Lwala Community Alliance Feb 2019 

SHOFCO Jan 2018

We are a proud, certified B Corp, which means that we've been assessed as a 'for benefit' company– think somewhere between “for profit” and “non-profit.” This certification covers a wide range of aspects of our business and ranks our performance across a rigorous set of criteria. Part of this certification involves an independent assessment of our financial statements confirming our claim to donate at least 50% to charities.

Beyond all of the technical hubbub, we are thrilled to be a part of this new and exciting way to do business! We hope that the success of our model encourages other businesses to explore the ways they can do good in the world. 

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