When are you going to be plastic free?

We started this journey with two goals: make toilet paper that’s kind to the planet and gives back to the people living on it. We’re proud that we have stayed true to these goals by creating toilet paper, tissues and paper towels that are produced thoughtfully and without the use of trees. In the process, we’ve donated over 1.8 million Aussie dollars to our charity partners, ensuring more people have access to safe, clean, and dignified toilets… and we’re not done yet!

But we are a growing business and that means that we sometimes need to prioritise our focuses. While in an ideal world, our offerings would be 100% plastic free, as of right now, there are a few places where you will find plastic on our products.


There’s a small piece of plastic at the top of our tissue boxes that helps keep the contents moisture free and hygienic, as well as keeping the whole lot from pulling out each time you reach for a tissue. We’ve added a special compound called Reverte™ to the plastic, which makes it oxo-biodegradable.

For those of you who weren’t chemistry whizzes at school (most of us were not), oxo-biodegradable simply means that the plastic will oxidise, and then degrade in the presence of oxygen and sunlight. This process is triggered by 4-8 hours of continuous exposure to sunlight or heat, after which the polymer chains in the plastic start to break down. Depending on the local environment, the entire wrapper will degrade, leaving no rubbish, no harmful residue and absolutely no plastics/polymers. This process takes approximately 12 to 24 months to complete (compared with up to 1,000 years for regular plastic). You can dispose of this plastic is in your general waste, as it will biodegrade safely in landfill. Alternatively, you can leave it to sun in your backyard! It’s pretty neat, we think.


You may have spotted our supermarket six packs in your local grocery or health food store. It's a small part of our business with the vast majority of our customers buying in bulk online. Currently our six packs are also wrapped in oxo-biodegradable plastic, but we're hoping to revisit these designs soon!


You’ll also spot some plastic when you order more than one box of our product. We haven’t found paper tape that’s strong enough to keep ‘em together. Multiple boxes may arrive strapped together with a durable plastic, in following with many of our carrier’s rules. This is to avoid doubling up on shipping costs for our customers, and keep drivers from making twice the number of deliveries. You may have seen paper tape that’s laced with threads, which looks like a great alternative. Those threads actually contain bits of fibreglass for durability, which renders the tape unrecyclable. It’s a real bamboozle!

Having said all that, we still aim to be 100% plastic free.  We are actively working with our carriers to research and test new materials on the market. As soon as we find it, we’ll switch over faster than you can say oxo-biodegradable! 

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