What are my privacy rights and how do I access them?

We understand the trust that our customers and users place in us when they share their personal information in order to buy our products, talk to us, learn about what we do or even tell us their best bathroom jokes!

We never want to abuse this trust and have safeguards, training and policies in place to protect this personal information. All new team members at Who Gives A Crap learn about privacy and data protection in the first weeks on the job.

If you’re a European resident, your rights are protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Among other things this gives you;

  • The right to be informed - we provide transparent information about how we collect and use your personal data
  • The right of access - we give you access to the personal data we control or process about you
  • The right to rectification - we allow you to correct or complete personal data if its inaccurate or incomplete
  • The right to erasure - also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’, we allow you to have your personal data erased
  • The right to restrict processing - we allow you to stop us from using personal data of yours that we hold
  • The right to data portability - if requested, we will supply you with a copy of personal information you’ve supplied to us
  • The right to object - you can object to us processing your personal information (eg for use in direct marketing)

Our Privacy Policy is the best place to go for full details on your rights and how we handle your personal information.

If you have specific questions or would like to exercise a privacy right, please email us at privacy@whogivesacrap.org

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