How do I change the date of my next subscription order?

If you already have a password protected subscription account set up, you can log in via the website and click 'manage subscriptions'. You can also access your account via the direct link we send in the reminder email, 3 days before your order is due to bill.

From here, click ‘edit delivery schedule’ next to the product you want to change.

You can edit the next shipment date to adjust your upcoming order, or edit the delivery schedule to change how frequently your orders are sent. 

If you want to change both, please edit the delivery schedule first, then check the next shipment date.

Everyone’s toilet paper needs are different. If you find you’re running out before your next delivery arrives, or you’re getting overloaded, just contact us and our customer happiness team will crunch the numbers and work out the best frequency for your household.

Want us to take care of the changes for you? No problems, just contact us 👇 for support

If you’re having trouble logging into your account, click here.

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