Why is there plastic on your tissue box?

The small piece of oxo-biodegradable plastic at the top of our tissue boxes helps keep the contents moisture free and hygienic, as well as keeping the whole lot from pulling out each time you reach for a tissue.

We’ve added a special compound called Reverte™ to this little piece of plastic, which makes it oxo-biodegradable. For those of you who weren’t chemistry whizzes at school (we certainly weren’t), oxo-biodegradable simply means that the plastic will oxidise and then degrade in the presence of oxygen and sunlight. This process is triggered by 4-8 hours of continuous exposure to sunlight or heat, after which the polymer chains in the plastic start to break down. Depending on the local environment, the entire wrapper will degrade, leaving no rubbish, no harmful residue and absolutely no plastics/polymers. This process takes approximately 12 to 24 months to complete (compared with up to 1,000 years for regular plastic). Pretty neat, we think.

You can dispose of this plastic is in your general waste, as it will biodegrade safely in landfill. Alternatively, you can leave it in your back yard!

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